31 August, 2009

God is in your voice In your lover's arms In the hands that strike, molest, hurt The eyes that judge He is everything Everything is Him Closest to nature, the works of art The golden sunset, falling of a leaf He causes pain, kills, robs you from yourself He takes, and he gives God is simply, anything we cannot understand Everything above good and evil, right and wrong God is you. The disbelief that your helplessness is all there is He exists, and in you

"I defy" my friend said, but why...
why defy...


Dude Crush said...

Came here to see if this still exists. I like the new layout.

Defying would be impossible, wouldn't it.

Anonymous said...

i dont agree maa,

God cannot do everything.He cannot create another god,lie,forget,be unjust..etc.He forbade such things unto Himself.

true,He is our Creator n we r the created.n He has written down everythin we will do eons before we even came into being.

thats His knowledge.

why call Him our Creator if He doesnt know what runs through our minds,even the minutest details?

we r not puppets.

theres no compulsion.humans have free will.

u wake up one mornin.n u see that there is n orange or apple to eat.u choose to eat the apple.

u wudnt say that u ate the apple out of compulsion.wud u?

n God simply knows.He knew ud choose the apple.He knew that eons before u were even born.

the Creator knows everythin about what He creates.if not, why call Him God?

same for robbing,molesting,raping,sodomy,incest,murder..

God KNOWS what we will choose to do.we r not puppets whose strings He simply pulls.

if someone kills, he does so out of his own will.n God KNOWS that the person would kill.on this year,month,day,minute,second..

why have a Heaven n Hell then?if we r puppets simply controlled by God?

the rapist n the like of him may get away with it in this world.who says this world is a fair place?

but where will he hide on the Day of Recompense?

if a man does good equivalent to a grain of sand he shall see it.n if he does evil equivalent to a grain of sand,he shall see it.there will be no injustice.this is the promise of Allah.n Allah doesnt break His promise.

the choice is ours,maa.do good or do bad.n decide our eternal abode for ourselves.