21 April, 2009

Shit Happens

There was once a green field, home to many a small living things. One day, a passing cow defecated after a wholesome meal of grass, leaving its gunky, smelly ol' shit for flies and the like, ruining the homes of tidy little creatures that lived on the green field. 
Days pass. The shit remains, still smelly, and still unbearable. 

One day soon, to all the buggers' (the flies, worms, ants, crickets, hoppers, ladies, everyone's) surprise, something happened. 
A little plant shoot, right from the middle of all that shit! 

And a smart ass passing by shouted out at the gathered crowd, 
"Glory be, good things do come out of shit sometimes!" 

Through time, the shoot grew on to become a big tree, blossoming and blooming to it's heart's content


Hilath said...

nice perspective :-)

de Irresistible said...

inspiring... :)

Mohmamed said...

Don't eat the shit.
You gotta invest in it, yo.

stickyshocker713 said...


ekam eveileb said...

Reminds me of Ugly Duckling some how..