06 February, 2009

Mahatma Gandi in all his glory, was a peace-loving wuss.


Anonymous said...

dude crush ge' boalha boaa golaa dho mee

Iya said...

now i'm jealous of dude crush... dammit.

anyhoo... Mahatma Gandhi was a peace lover, yes. He was a mild man. but why would you call him a wuss?

Look into his simplistic nature. he is an inspiration. but like all inspirations, he was killed.

Anonymous said...

Well.. there goes another post ruined. Lovely.

Hilath said...

Hi. Long time. How've you been?

Great blog, ingey.


DCJ said...

hehehe. Interesting "perspective."

Ramy said...

Aah i made one of these kinda things.. I'll post it wen i get back home after me exams..
Strange that you'll find peace in the most unusual places.. Or the sign too.. My friend had this kitten which had a peace sign on his head.. He's all hippie n shiv.. Doesn't move around much.. Jz lays back n stares at the strange beauty of this world..
And yes.. Iya person.. Most of them who try to make a change or fight fer peace gets shot..
John Lennon fer example.. You may say he was a dreamer.. But i m still on his side.. I hope someday you'll all join em too.. And the world would live as one..