02 December, 2008

Letting Go

Hmm I wonder how many people are stuck because of the rain. Or how many people can’t reach the place they want to be because of it. How many are cursing it? 

I love it though. The sounds it makes when it hits the rooftop. How helplessly helpless it makes everyone. Join it and enjoy it or hate it, it’s going to rain when it does. Whether you’re late for a meeting, or just don’t want to wake up in the morning. 

Another thing, the sheer joy of being in the rain. Water from the sky! It’s one of the little miracles of life I just can’t wrap my head around. Sort of like how wherever we are, we always see the same sky, or how cotton grows from a little flower bud. 

Unconventional it is too. You gotta love that. Amongst many, many other things.

"The rain falls down, there go the mushroom clouds
Will I ever cross your mind again
Yellow custard with red jelly on top,
Will you ever think of me the same?"


Simon said...

The sound of rain calms me. I have been looking for a CD with just the sound of rain. Sometimes nothing beats that sound to put you to bed.

I wonder why though.

Iya said...

I am a total hippie when it comes to rain. Sometimes i like to walk in it, mostly with an umbrella, because i like struggling with the wind.

I dont get how people get pissed because of the rain. I love it.

Ragnarok said...

Rain. Has too much effect on me than I care to elaborate. And not surprisingly, it reminds me of you.

Anonymous said...

you guys are all dicks

aesha said...

rain is lovely and a swing makes it all complete

The Shadowrunner said...

I march right through it. Sometimes, I put the umbrella into "gun" position, then pretend I'm in WWI, where I sing "Deutschland über alles"
in an offkey tune.

@anonymous: You have been judged wanting for dicks. Get yourself arrested and drop the soap.

bulhaa said...

when you've got a good enough reason to hate something, no matter how much beauty it involves, you hate it.

yeh, im a rain hater ^_^