17 August, 2008

Do It Yourself: Sasuke Tshirt in 6 Easy Steps

Click on images to enlarge. Finally got the time to make a DIY, using photos taken while making a t-shirt for a classmate of mine as per request. Anyway, it's real fun to do. Try it for yourself, though I'd advise you to do it with a partner..
Step 1: Making the Stencil

Step 2: Cutting the Base Stencil

Step 3: Stick, Stencil and Dry

Step 4: Mid-tone Stencil

Step 5: Stick, Stencil and Dry

Step 6: Details and Background



Simon said...

superb! Are you selling that?

kaiza shozey said...

whoa! varah obi. and that too sasuke. hehe. niiice.

maa nasih said...

Simon: Nope, just something we do for the fun of it, provided they (mostly friends) give the Tshirt... heh

keyolhubey said...

nice work.
i like this art.

hi.co said...


The Shadowrunner said...

Please wear Level 4 radiation protection suits to protect yourself from the Narutards. They are highly detrimental to one's health, and must be approached with caution.

Ramy said...

Wow! Obisome. .
would ju make one fer a stranger? But a different design.. One of my own..
I'll pay if you want.. But if ye 've fun making the tshirt i get it fer free right? :D