26 January, 2008


Black, green, white and red
you're alive, I'm still not dead

Charcoal, scarlet, fire's delight
let us be together tonight

Crimson blue and shades of white,
we can be those birds in flight

Ever blooming, shades of heather
tonight is bound to live forever


shweeeeet! said...

colours and life..a perfect match =D

Velvette Storme said...

sounds like a spell
*double double toil and trouble
fire burn and cauldron bubble...*

schmartypants said...

nice one maa. good luck with exams

s.s said...

Reminds me of the Beatles song 'altogether now' ^_^

shaari said...

guess what? we've something in common: blog layout. But what we may not have in common is me writing poems as good as that. i dont know, i haven't given it a shot yet :-)

Levity said...
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Levity said...

To Shaari from Dude and I: Guess what else you and Maachi don't have in common; [GASP]she used it first.

And Maach I shall refrain from saying anything relating to the poem ;) eheheee