18 January, 2008

faaf says:

180108-2003 Shards of Glass
I think we’re gonna need one more cardboard box for the glass shards… hehehe…

180108-1439 Albino
There’s a baby in this house, six months but still smaller in size than a newborn. His tongue’s always sticking out in the cutest way possible and he has a bellybutton that protrudes two inches out. Barely responses to outside sounds and lies like a tiny fair dumpling I just love watching him. You’d love it too. He’s beautiful. I think he’s an albino baby.

160108-1016 Shoes
There’s a kid here called Aalu. Skinny, almost two years old, devilish and roll-around-in-the-dirt-if-you-don’t-get-what-you-want- stubborn. He just refuses to wear slippers or shoes and runs around screaming barefoot. This morning he threw his slippers into the stove and burnt then. Now he’s running around screaming wearing his sisters trousers tied at the ends under wrap-around-the-ankle- shoes. Wonder how long that would last before he throws them off or burns them. Hehe

140108-1251 Coconut leaves

They have gigantic shards of glass here! Perfect for filters. Dhemme fangi viyuny! I suck but am improving apparently hehe majaa.

130108-2228 Ride
Gnight me gonna sleep finally, still feels like the dhoni’s rocking to and fro and I’m on it. Aaah boa ambura! There’s a little swing here too but haven’t tried it, think I’ll barf if I did hehe.

120108-2341 Getting there
The whole boats rocking everyones crying they can’t see where the fuck we’re going coz its raining pigs and cows.


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u were right. it was interesting.

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