14 December, 2007

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

-- William Carlos Williams


Rilvarn said...

"This is just to say" that you have been influenced by the "imagism" philosophy of “no ideas but in things”
So Are you a Red Wheelbarrow "glazed" with rain water or are you the white chicken?

Twist said...
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gwynciar said...

[Insert pretentious comment]

Levity said...

Hahaaa go gwynciar! xD

psychonautfromatlantis said...

the red wheelbarrow has the chikcens in it...its on its way to the slaughter house...and thats life...imo

(dont mind me)

gwynciar said...

You should try your hand at these haiku-esque verses yourself? They seem to suit you better than traditional poetry.

I mean if anyone found anything pleasing in that poem, then poetically speaking, t;hat person's got a bit more poetic erm...somethimg than the rest of us.