20 April, 2007

Sonsrete Clabc

concrete slabs, just concrete slabs
drowning in your swimming pail
the rising mouse through concrete slabs
why does life have to be so frail

my tears for noone to grab
from these ugly concrete slabs
my fears noone can dab
melting through these concrete slabs

trapped in a box in a concrete slab
watching lone bats flying through
trapped in a box, now a dark dark box
wishing i could fly with you


Dude said...

The drawing is really blurred >:(. Trapped huh. Thank god for your roof I say. The 2nd verse is amazingly good by the way.

ThalaGolaa said...

0.0 *mouth dropped open*

amazing. i wish i could write with words so smoothly like that.

extremely good!

trew said...

last night it said concrete slabs!

Dragonfly said...

uhm thank you dude and thalagolaa.

trew... no it didnt, maybe you just read it that way.

gwynciar said...

Further proof that you're right-brained.

If my interpretation of this drawing-cum-poem as the dousing of one's freedom by the restrictive hollowness of modern living is correct (from a less idealistic perspective), do holler back with a ring-a-ding-ding.

Dragonfly said...

replacement of the low quali pic with a better one for the benefit of dude.

gwynciar.. ringa-a-ding-ding