29 April, 2007

The Scarecrow

he doesn't mind because life's kind
life's kind
he doesn't mind


ThalaGolaa said...

another brilliant piece of art! nice drawing, girl!

well... i wish i was a scarecrow too, if life is so fair for it.

but i wouldn't want crows to shit all over me :S

or the sun to burn my skin... i starts to peeel.. easily :S

Lua said...

Wooooo pwetty scarecrow hehehe
MMMMAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachiiii [hysterical laughter]

I cant sleeeeeeeep HEHEHehehehehhahahahahahoooooohoooo

I cant sleep but ur all asleeeeeeeep


I'm alll soggy from the rain and I cant sleeeep hahahHAHAHHAHaAAAAAAAA

no on to talk to cause u all ASLEEEEEEp hhahahahhahaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!

WAKE UP ONE O YOU!!! AND that damned ZAAPPI just had to break his new comp again XP


Dude said...

*pokes lua with a stick*


*poke poke* <_<

great drawing maaps. That would make a great album cover.

RIP Syd Barret :(

Dude said...

PS: love all the hidden details and faces everywhere.

manippulhu said...

woow.. salhi kurehumeh .. furathama fenifa aharen heekuree hama soleebah aruvaaafa huri meehhe kamah! ekekke