Circle of confusion

25 July, 2016

This eid
I threw a head of lettuce
at a pedophile's face

24 December, 2015

I will kiss the ground beneath you
And the sky above

For me
You are perfect

28 May, 2015

Introversion aside,

we were brought up with the notion that expressing or acknowledging or sharing how-we-felt or how-we-were or what-we-really-really-wanted to any single soul was a sign-of-weakness

13 May, 2015

Cluster feeding, fuck.

11 May, 2015

With her came a lull
A stillness to my warm blooded thirst, hunger and yearnings
A calmness to my despair

I was not mine anymore,
I am hers

10 May, 2015

04 November, 2013

They say there is a certain point from which there is no return but my mind moves mercilessly back and forth like a pendulum or swing and its okay I can handle it it's my mind after all

10 August, 2013

މަމްދޫހު ލޮލުން އަހަރުން، ދިމާވިތާ ކައިރި 2008

06 August, 2013

31 July, 2013

13 April, 2013


19 March, 2013

We are superior

Because despite your show of bravado, despite your machismo ways and despite your pervertedness, nothing can change the simple truth
That you were created within one of us, nurtured and grown
You were born into this world through one of us
With you suckling our breasts for food
At your most vulnerable